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Offensive Security

Transforming Threat Challenges into Offensive Mastery

  • Offensive cybersecurity training enables organizations to proactively identify and understand emerging threats, allowing security teams to stay ahead of cyber adversaries by simulating and preparing for real-world attack scenarios.
  • Undertaking offensive cybersecurity labs enables organizations to visualize and strengthen their security capabilities, identifying areas of low or no coverage. This strategic approach fortifies the organization’s resilience, reducing vulnerabilities and improving overall security posture.
  • The ideal solution for Offensive Cybersecurity Professionals, Pen Testers, Developers, Ethical Hackers, Network and System Admins, Incident Response Teams and many more.

Red Team Resilience Reinvented

Immersive Labs empowers offensive security teams through a dynamic cycle of exercising, evidencing, and equipping, fostering continuous improvement to enhance your organization’s cyber resilience.

Enhance Defense Against Emerging Threats

Offensive teams must proactively anticipate and confidently respond to the latest threats, including staying informed about emerging CVEs. With Immersive Labs, Cyber Threat Intelligence labs are released within 24 hours of a new threat, enabling offensive security teams to swiftly grasp and acclimate to new attack vectors.

Strategic Visualization of Offensive Security Prowess

Immersive Labs employs industry-standard frameworks to chart the capabilities of your offensive teams. Managers can leverage this data to pinpoint areas with low or no coverage, strategically reinforcing these aspects to fortify the organization’s overall resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this approach different from traditional offsec training?2023-09-06T16:41:08+00:00

Traditional red team cybersecurity training often takes place in a static question and answer format, following a rote learning approach of remembering information. This can be unstimulating for participants and lacks a measurable impact on the wider organization in terms of its resilience.

Offensive security courses and certifications go out of date the minute they are completed because new threat actors and techniques are constantly emerging. With new labs released all the time, red teams can constantly stay up to date with new technologies and risks.

What threats and topics do Immersive Labs’ offensive content experiences cover?2023-09-06T16:41:36+00:00

Our offensive practical labs cover topics like reconnaissance, web app hacking, and infrastructure hacking, focusing on the tools and techniques used by threat actors that pose the biggest risks to your organization. We also offer skill series on offensive tooling including Metasploit, Burp Suite, Powershell, Windows Sysinternals, and PoshC2.

How long does it take to access Immersive Labs’ offensive content?2023-09-06T16:41:27+00:00

All of our labs are based in the cloud and load up in seconds, meaning everyone can access Immersive content experiences whenever, wherever.

See Offensive Security in Action

Immersive Labs is a cyber workforce resilience platform. For Kroll’s offensive security teams, this means engaging with content experiences that follow the cycle of exercising, evidencing, and equipping their organization’s cyber resilience.

Defensive/Blue Teams

Your cyber defensive teams rely on up-to-date information to fight against the latest cyber threats and techniques. Even in the face of constantly evolving threats, Immersive Labs delivers the training and data needed to measure and prove your cyber skills and resilience.